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Welcome to NCC Drivers Education

Whether behind the wheel or in the classroom NCC Drivers Education is committed to providing a large portion of Northeastern PA with the best possible class C behind the wheel learning experience.  This is accomplished by creating a calm, and friendly driving environment where patience is of the highest importance. The price per hour of behind the wheel instruction will be based at 65.00 per hour, or more depending on how far we need to drive to meet with you.

What we can do!

Are you looking for an insurance discount for your teenage son or daughter? Have you been working towards getting your drivers license but still need a few pointers on necessary skills? Have you relied on public transportation in the past and now need driving skills to get the freedom you desire? Do you lack access to a vehicle in which to practice driving? NCC Drivers Education can help with all of this and more!

Whether you are new to driving or need a refresher course, NCC Drivers Education tailors lessons to meet each individual drivers needs. Our broad spectrum of lessons will help give you the green light to drive!

NCC Drivers Education offers a P.D.E approved 30 hour on-line theoretical course that can be purchased through the “Purchase the Course Tab”at the top of this page. This 30 hour course will help any perspective driver within the state of PA or even the country prepare for their permit test, their road test and how to handle the wide variety of driving environments out on the open road. The goal of my course is to help make you a safer, more comfortable, confident, competent driver. Once the course is complete you will be able to instantly print your personal certificate of completion for the 30 hours of classroom training that many insurance companies require for a discount on your premium. Please remember to use separate email accounts when signing up multiple students.