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Parades and Detours Here is where we try to answer most of the more common questions we get.

Why can’t I move on to the next exit when completing the theory work?

Did you click on the course complete button at the end of each exit once the timer has expired? If not be sure to do so otherwise the timer will reset. Did you pass each quiz with at least an 80%? If not retake the quiz, or reread and then retake the quiz.

Does NCC provide driver training for CDL?

No, driver training is for PA class C licenses.

Do you pay for all the lessons at once?

Payment options for behind the wheel instruction are flexible. Most students pay by the lesson.

What type of payment is acceptable?

Currently cash,credit, or check made payable to NCC Drivers Education.

Does NCC Drivers Education teach driving lessons on the weekends?

All driving lessons are scheduled on an individual basis to best meet the needs of each student. We're Flexible!

Is there additional fees for using NCC Driver Education vehicle for the exam?

NO! NCC charges only by the hour with no additional costs.

Does NCC take students for their PA Drivers Exam?

Yes! If that is what is desired.

Do you provide documentation for insurance companies to prove that at least 6 hours of driver training has taken place?


How many hours of driving time are required to receive an insurance discount?

Typically 6 hours of professional driver training qualify for in insurance discount. Some insurance companies require 36 hours (6 behind the wheel and 30 theory)NCC Drivers Ed. can provide both. Please check with your insurance company for the specifics on discount offerings!

Does NCC offer driver theory work (book/classroom work)?

Yes, NCC Drivers Ed offers you an on-line self paced PA specific theory course to meet the 30 hour requirement of some insurance companies. This course was entirely designed and written by me a PA certified teacher with you in mind.  Please take advantage of this valuable learning experience.

Does NCC offer different driving packages?

No, the amount of lessons that are needed will be determined based on individual students needs. Some students will require more lessons while others will require less, and we do not want you to have to pay for more than you need. 


What is the price per hour?

NCC Drivers Education price starting June 1, 2019 is based at $60.00 per hour depending on location of pick-up and drop off. The price could be higher if longer travel time is required! Please call to or text if you have any questions about the price per hour of instruction for your specific location.